The Village: Expectation doesn’t always bring disappointment

ImageBefore the launch of most drama series you can expect a great deal of ‘hype’ all of which usually amounts to disappointment. In my opinion the most recent examples of such an occurrence can be found in the latest offerings of Downton Abbey and Call the Midwife.Nevertheless like most viewers I eagerly awaited the BBC’s latest offering, ‘The Village’ which was first broadcast on Easter Sunday. Without spoiling too much for anyone who has not yet seen the first the episode, the initial focused was presumed to lie with the young protagonist of the film and his family members, who all were inflicted with their individual and collective toils and troubles.  However the attention opened up and the country life plays out the much greater, fractious events of the nation. 

I will post a more lengthy post on the episode later this week, just in case I ruin the main plot lines for anyone who has not had the chance to view it. 

Needless Spending… Caused by a Bunny!


I was paid from work last week and my immediate thought was “be good, don’t spend on things you don’t need”. I was doing well, till I saw the cute Paul Smith bunny at Debenhams. It was my down fall and my spending spiralled from there.

To get the bunny I needed to buy a Paul Smith 50ml perfume, which I did. I got the Paul Smith Optimistic Women Eau de Toilette 50ml for £19.75 down from £39.50! Bargain… albeit an unnecessary one.

Continuing with the free gift with purchase routine… I headed for Benefit. I needed a new mascara… my last one dried up as I left it on a radiator 😦 Anyway Benefit have an offer on for every 2 purchases made, you receive a free ‘benefit “that gal” brightening face primer deluxe sample’. To qualify for this I got the mascara which I needed. The mascara was part of a gift set which had a eye brightener also. My second product was a spot treatment ‘Boo Boo Zap’. The reviews looked good even though the name doesn’t sound up to very much. Fingers crossed it can somehow help people to focus on my face rather than the one ugly spot which has decided to nest on my forehead!

So those are the products I purchased. All in all I really didn’t need them, but after a hard month at work, I think I their deserved… 😐

So what are your most recent splurges? Or items which started as impulse buys but are now products you can’t live without? Let me know below.


Hi. My name is Alia. I’m not sure why I have decided to create a blog or if there’s anyone reading this… but why not?

I’ll occasionally post some rambles and probably make up reviews, hauls etc. Also pictures of my cat are likely. But overall this blog has no purpose… as of yet.